Value Engineering

Let’s create the product that the market needs with lean Methodologies

Value Engineering

Our lean processes that span a decade of experience reflect our predictability and success in executing projects. Strategic alliances and our partner ecosystem help us to deliver cost-effective solutions with Hardware Design, Firmware Design and System Integration services that are Consistent, Scalable, Innovative and Result- oriented.

What we do in Value Engineering

Systems Integration

Constantly changing business environments and complex technologies pose challenges to growing organizations. To help face these challenges. We integrate multiple systems across different functions, groups and stages in manufacturing, healthcare, agricultural and chemical process industries to transform your enterprise into a streamlined and efficient infrastructure. We integrate cross domain products and create networked solutions.

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System Engineering Methods

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Wired and Wireless M2M interface

Global standard protocols

Real-time analytics and control

Reliable User Interface

System Engineering Methods

Cloud storage & Data visualization

Hardware Design Services

To design and develop any embedded system (MPu & MCU), Sacra Systems execute with systems engineering methods, DFR (Design for Reliability), DFA (Design for Assembly), DFT (Design for Test), DFM (Design for Manufacturing) from requirements to validation. Our deep knowledge of Analog, Highspeed Digital, RF electronics, Sensors, and control algorithms guarantee a manufacturable product that conforms to the ceritification standards. We design Multi-Layer PCBs for real-world manufacturing and test requirements.

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Our Hardware design services includes

System partitioning |  Floor planning

Schematic | Layout Design | Gerber generation

BOM | Cost Optimization

Pre, Post layout Signal Integrity simulations

Thermal, Power Integrity, Loading Analysis

Design analysis |  Architecture definition

EMI, Reliability & Derating analysis

We provide Product Verification & Validation (V&V), Field Trials and Product Compliance and Safety Certification support for the global countries (FCC, CE, UL, etc.)

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Firmware & Software

At Sacra,  We develop Firmware algorithms, Functions, and software applications optimized for your embedded products. Our firmware and software are rigorously unit-tested at each step prior to integration and verification. Once integrated, our regression testing validates that all requirements are met.

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Our Services includes

Mission-critical applications

Hetrodyne Architectures with CPU/DSP

MCUs from leading suppliers

ST Micro, NXP, Microchip, TI, ESP32

Board Support Packages, Libraries & Drivers

Peripheral drivers

Analog, Digital sensors, Displays, Encoders

Loop controls

Solenoids, Motors, Valves

Communication protocols

Serial, Modbus RTU


TCP/IP, CAN, USB, Ethernet, Profibus, OPC-UA, BACnet, WLAN, BLE & MQTT

We strongly believe in cross disciplinary training, which really helps problem-solving. Every firmware engineer is trained on Schematics, PCB troubleshooting, Power supplies, oscilloscopes, EMC and Production line testing, so he is capable to handle the challenges and opportunities of crossover domains.

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