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About us

50+ Years of combined R&D, Product Design and Development experience in Consumer, Industrial and Healthcare Industries. Sacra Systems is a technology driven company, founded in 2018 by a team of technocrats, headquartered in Singapore.

Our Uniqueness

Sacra Systems is capable of creating best valued Embedded Electronic Platforms with smarter technologies. Our unique capabilities include System Engineering, Electronic Hardware, Embedded Firmware, and Application Software Engineering, promoting us to address the multifaceted challenges under one roof.

Our Success Factors

Scalable Hardware Platform

Scalable compute engines, sensors, actuators, connectivity interfaces, standards certified

Platform Enabled Solutions

Re-usable components, subsystems with strong architecture foundations

End to End Solutions

Transformation of a concept to a manufacturable  product and its post maintenance

Modular Firmware/Software platform

Object Oriented Framework, Agile methods, Modular Architecture, Matured and Reliable

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Six Sigma, High yield, ISO standards, Strong supply chain, global network

Six Sigma Design

Design for Six Sigma, Design for Reliability, Design for Manufacturing, FMEA


Sacra Systems is  technology driven and deals with industry proven methods and processes.  Team of experts available always at your reach, to provide a service beyond the business relationship

Electro-Mechanical System Design

Connected Embedded Systems

Remote Device Management

Smart (Wired/Wireless) networks

Remote SW/FW upgrade (OTA)

Cloud Data Processing, Analytics

Multi-Platform Data Visualization

Machine Learning

Predictive Maintenance

Get the Expertise

Get the expertise from the leading embedded firms of the world. We have the experts who gained experience from the following tech giants.

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