Longevity Support

Life extension of a Legacy system is not a challenge always

Longevity Support

With a very strong technology domain expertise, we can help to extend the legacy product or system’s life by managing the component obsolescence, code/platform migration, reverse engineering and continuous improvement.

What we do in Longevity Support

Obsolescence Management

Component obsolescence is inevitable in Industrial products which has very long-life cycle. Un-planned supply chain will adversely affect the production line and leads to business loss.

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We help our customers to extend the obsolete product’s life by doing

Reverse engineering with no prior documentation

Hardware Upgrade with latest technologies

Re-Architecting the Product

Bill of Material Analysis

Software/Firmware Migration

Loosely Coupled Integration

Continuous Improvement

Product maintenance is a continuous improvement process. We take complete responsibility and total ownership of providing bug fixes and periodic patch releases, which includes minor enhancements for our customer products. We set up a dedicated technical support team to address our customer problems 24/7. We have Service Level Agreements (SLA) with its customers and reports its performance on a regular basis.

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Our Services Include

Independent or Collaborative Engagement

Field Failure Analysis

Failure Data Modelling

Predictive Maintenance

Quality & Reliability Improvements

Security Updates

Repository Maintenance

We also focus on every aspect of post design and manufacturing processes assessing all impacts on assembly cost, test cost, and manufacturing cost. We help our customers to identify the cost reduction opportunities with a continuous assessment of the production line with the latest technological evolutions.

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