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Sacra systems offers end to end solutions for challenging problems in the Manufacturing, Automotive, Healthcare and Agricultural Industries.

Product Engineering

Time to market of an Embedded Electro Mechanical system is guaranteed  
with our R&D strength and lean Six Sigma product development process.

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New Product Development

Design, Develop new products and  launch on time to market, at a competitive price and high quality.

New Product Innovation

Innovative product creation with evolving technologies through Research and Development.

Value Engineering

With our unique system engineering experiences,
we deliver our clients with industry’s best solutions that are
Innovative, Modular and Scalable.

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System Integration

Cross domain functions, subsystems and multi vendor machineries integration are our keys.

Firmware / Software

Bare metal, Real-time OS and Rich OS based object oriented modular architecture is our DNA.

Hardware Design

Highspeed digital compute engine, mixed signal analog design and wireless connectivity is our asset.

Longevity Support

We extend the Product Life to mitigate the obsolescence
and renovate technology to keep our customers competitive in the market.

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Obsolescence Management

Extend the horizon of product end life, needs a greater understanding of the legacy, in which we are better always.

Continuous Improvement

Preventive maintenance with Machine Learning data modelling is our recipe for our customer success.

Industries We Serve

Consumer Electronics



System Integration


Industrial Automation

Why Sacra

SACRA is powered by a strong team of technocrats experienced from leading multi-national companies in the Industrial, Medical and Agricultural Industry.
Excellence in quality - Guaranteed..!

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Our Success Factors

Scalable Hardware platform

Scalable compute engines, sensors, actuators, connectivity interfaces, standards certified

Platform Enabled Solutions

Re-usable components, subsystems with strong architecture foundations

End to End solutions

Transformation of a concept to a manufacturable  product and its post maintenance

Modular Firmware/Software platform

Object Oriented Framework, Agile methods, Modular Architecture, Matured and Reliable

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Six Sigma, High yield, ISO standards, Strong supply chain, global network

Six Sigma Design

Design for Six Sigma, Design for Reliability, Design for Manufacturing, FMEA

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